Shrink Cap Seals


We manufacture high quality single/multi-coloured PVC Security Seals to provide protection against damage, product-tampering and entry of pathogens by a capsealing mechanism. These are commonly used in beverages, food and FMCG markets. We incorporate the highest end printing technology in our manufacture processes to be able to offer much more than just industry-standard when it comes to quality.


What do we offer in Shrink Cap Seals?

We provide solutions that are fitting to each client’s needs, varying in sizes, colours,shapes and overall design. Some examples include custom-designed seals- in single-colour or multi-colour, general design security seals in single-colour and multi-colour for a more simplistic branding appeal.


Why use Shrink Cap Seals?

  • Protect your customers from damaged products
  • Protect customers from products that may have been tampered with
  • Ensure the internal contents are safe for use
  • Provide reassurance of safety to customers
  • Highly customizable and provide additional branding


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