Self-adhesive/ Stick-on/ Sticker Labels


We, at Neopack, produce the highest quality Self-adhesive/Stick-on Labels which have a wide application in cosmetics, beverages, home and industrial cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, lubricants among a vast number of other FMCG products. We run a state of the art, fully automatic inline, flexo printing press which can produce extremely high-quality labels, helping us target clients that are looking for the very best in the industry.


What do we offer in Self-Adhesive/Stick-On Labels?

We offer UV coated; multi-coloured printed labels suited to each brand’s specifications. In addition, we provide the option for hot foil stamping too. All our labels are completely customizable in terms of colour, size and shape. These stick-on labels can be used to brands several items including water, honey, lotion bottles, food packages and several other products.

Self-Adhesive-PP-White-PP-Clear-Metalized-Water-Juice-Engine-Oil-Tomato-Sauce-Food-Colour-Milk-Honey-Stickers-Milk-Maziwa-Lala Self-Adhesive-PP-White-PP-Clear-Metalized-Water-Juice-Engine-Oil-Tomato-Sauce-Food-Colour-Milk-Honey-Stickers-Noodles-Bundling

Why use Self-Adhesive/Stick-On Labels?

  • Easy and fast application speeds make them time-effective
  • Cost-effective as they reduce overall packaging costs
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply/use
  • Highly versatile in their applications
  • Boost your shelf-appeal


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