Industrial Bags, Liners and Rolls


We are one of the leading producers of General Flexibles, ranging from garment polybags to industrial liners. Our performance industrial films (both clear or opaque), at the same time, are available in low or high density, in roll form or individually cut.
The puncture-resistant liners can be customized to fit your brand specifications.


What do we offer in Industrial Bags, Liners, and Rolls?

By utilizing our ultra-modern tape printing technology, we can cater to customized client printing requirements. We are able to provide customers with a wide range of choices for size, branding, and any other specifications as per the user’s requirements.


Why use Industrial Bags, Liners and Rolls?

  • Recyclable
  • Economical in terms of transportation and storage costs
  • Longer brand shelf life

Types of Industrial Bags, Liners, and Rolls?

1. Packing Bags
2. Industrial Bags & Rolls
3. Tubing/Sheet Form
4. Box Bags
5. Gusseted Bags
6. OFT Bags (Open Flap+Tape)


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