LDPE Shrink Wrap

At Neopack, we engineer Low Density Polyethylene Shrink Wrapping Films for suitable multipack bundling application. Our performance films come in a range of printed shrinkable polyethylene sheet rolls, cut-pieces and tubing options- featuring gloss, colours, white, transparent and opaque, for appealing product presentation.

Shrink Sleeves Labels

We develop solutions that give us an edge over others in the commercial execution of ideas, leading to enduring applications that help our clients realise their ideal packaging. Our launch fulfillment model and investment in print technology, which includes colour management and high-definition print operation, promise exceptional quality and service of varying order quantities. These shrink sleeves are ideal to use across major materials such as metal, glass and plastic


Bopp Pearlized Wrap Around Labels

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is a plastic film material that provides great label clarity increasing the product’s visual appeal. BOPP labels are excellent for small or big businesses that need to stand out from their competitors.

Self-adhesive/ Stick-on Labels

We, at Neopack, produce the highest quality Self-adhesive/Stick-on Labels which have a wide application in cosmetics, beverages, home and industrial cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, lubricants among a vast number of other FMCG products. We run a state of the art, fully automatic inline, flexo printing press which can produce extremely high-quality labels,helping us target clients that are looking for the very best in the industry.


Shrink Cap Seals

We manufacture high quality single/multi-coloured PVC Security Seals to provide protection against damage, product-tampering and entry of pathogens by a capsealing mechanism. These are commonly used in beverages, food and FMCG markets. We incorporate the highest end printing technology in our manufacture processes to be able to offer much more than just industry-standard when it comes to quality.

Caution Tape/ Barricade Tape

Caution tape/ Barricade tape provides an excellent temporary solution for sectioning off private, restricted, or hazardous areas inside or outside of your facility. These tapes are frequently used for indicating restricted areas, designating walkways, deterring entry in specific zones, surveying, mapping, and marking construction sites for safety reasons.
tape self adhesive tape cello tape printed tape printed cello tape bopp tape carton tape

BOPP/Self Adhesive Tape

We have installed a state-of-the-art BOPP/Self Adhesive tape production line to meet more of our consumers’ needs. We incorporate high quality printing procedures in order to provide additional branding to clients that have such a requirement.

Garment Polybags

(Specialty in garment bags for EPZ)

We are one of the leading producers of General Flexibles, ranging from garment polybags to industrial liners. Our premium quality applications for garment polybags come with a variety of print graphics and an array of options, with a special emphasis on shelf and brand visibility as well as versatile usage.


Industrial Bags, Liners and Rolls

We are one of the leading producers of General Flexibles, ranging from garment polybags to industrial liners. Our performance industrial films (both clear or opaque),at the same time, are available in low or high density in roll form or individually cut.

POF Shrink Film

Polyolefin shrink film (POF shrink film) is an extremely durable and versatile ‘premium’ shrink wrap. It has become the preferred choice of shrink wrap film for packaging products both edible and non-edible.


Garment Numbering Sticker Rolls

Garment Numbering Sticker Rolls are used in Hand Labellers to mark the fabric in garment factories. These stickers can also be used in divergent industries for price marking, product identification, and inventory control applications.

Printed sugar/ salt/ pepper/ sachet roll

Printed sugar/ salt/ pepper sachet rolls are used in industries that manufacture individual sugar, salt, and pepper sachets. The rolls are crafted from paper coated with a thin layer of polyethylene, which offers moisture resistance and protection.